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Steam ID: 76561198059701300
Steam URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/labrador_/
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Blue Fall Guy 29 Sep 2020
:labrador: 22 Aug 2019
labrador 27 Jun 2019
lab 11 Nov 2018
Labrador #AusLevels 20 Aug 2017
Labrador 10 Sep 2017
Labrador -15/12 sale cards 16 Nov 2017
Labrador | AusLevels 16 Dec 2017
labs are cute 19 Dec 2017
Labrador. 26 Dec 2017
not lab 04 Feb 2018
Level 500 in 2018 06 Feb 2018
Labrador | AusLevels | bg5.tf 27 May 2018
excited to play PoE 29 Aug 2018
"Thanks for beta testing the rep system!"
Received from Steam Ladder System
Received from Julia92 High Profile Value9 Years on Steam
"woof-woof!! good boy. c:"
Received from Pea-Nut^ 7 Years on Steam
"Not much to say except: Woof Wof WOOOF - Would recommend 10/10"
Received from Munin Staff5 Years on Steam
"doggo :)"
Received from AdjacentPhalanx 2 Years on Steam
"Very nice!"
Received from Jordy 7 Years on Steam
"The goodest of good boys"
Received from StockPiston High Profile Value6 Years on Steam
Received from hype 6 Years on Steam
Received from BinqDesign High Profile Value7 Years on Steam
"woof woof"
Received from colaa 3 Years on Steam
"damn thats alot of dogs"
Received from FunkyPigeon 0 Years on Steam
Received from 🌴𝑹𝑬𝑻𝑹𝑶🌴 High Profile Value10 Years on Steam
"Impressive community member"
Received from Aerzhs 8 Years on Steam
"Your faction is the one I support in the war of foil badges."
Received from Terra'Illuminata 4 Years on Steam
"nice person, went out of her way to add me"
Received from BIGM 5 Years on Steam
Received from LogicMist 3 Years on Steam
Received from Legitti High Profile Value10 Years on Steam
Received from lucas ✠ High Profile Value7 Years on Steam
Received from Euphorim 1 Years on Steam
"I've known Labrador for a long time. Great guy!"
Received from Redmund StaffHigh Profile Value8 Years on Steam
"Woof Woof"
Received from 󠀡󠀡Cow High Profile Rank5 Years on Steam
"A good and trustful friend on Steam! :)"
Received from 🌴 SgtFopper™ 🌅 High Profile Value12 Years on Steam
"The best foil collector around"
Received from HeyItzWerty | stmlddr.com StaffHigh Profile Value5 Years on Steam
Received from Jeplar Long-time PatronHigh Profile Value4 Years on Steam
Given to 󠀡󠀡Cow 5 Years on Steam
"Very trustworthy trader / seller"
Given to Nacho Long-time Patron9 Years on Steam
"Does a lot of good stuff for the steam community"
Given to 🌴 SgtFopper™ 🌅 12 Years on Steam
"Really cool guy and nice to talk to"
Given to Jeplar Long-time Patron4 Years on Steam