Winter 2019

Unlock a winter profile, win prizes and support charity!

This event has ended!

We raised $ 450 USD for charity, screenshots will be uploaded soon! Thank you all for participating! Click here for a screenshot of the charity donations.

Winter is coming!

The year is almost coming to an end. Before the end of the year, we have a new special winter event where you can win prizes, win games and unlock a winter profile and rank. Last year's winter event we raised $ 475 USD for charity!

Where do I sign up?

This event has ended.

What do I get?
Winter Profile Theme

Your profile will be winter themed! (example)

Temporary Ladder Badge

Your profile will be marked with a in the ladders!

Permanent Profile Badge

Your profile will display a special member badge! (example)

Win Games

3 random winter members will win one game from their wishlist.

You will also unlock the standard donation perks, you can view these here
25% of your donation amount will be donated to a random charity listed on Humble Bundle


Winter Members

$ 461.26

Raised for Charity

# Member Amount
1 Pyxis $255.00
2 Treehero $111.00
3 HeyItzWerty $100.00
4 lusci- $75.00
5 GigoPixel $70.00
# Member Amount
6 Night Striker $70.00
7 Ѵԑԑ'; DROP ALL TABLES; -- $60.00
8 Wulf # Selling Games $55.00
9 Foolio $55.00
10 Ancpr $55.00