Steam privacy changes

11 april Steam announced that they made a change to the profile privacy settings. They introduced a new privacy setting that made it possible to hide your game and playtime statistics, this setting is for every Steam user now automatically set to private.

Because this setting is set to private by default, every Steam Ladder profile update after the 11th of april received no playtime and game data from Steam (that's why you were seeing 0 hours and 0 games on your profile).

If you would like to view your playtime and game stats again:
You change update your Steam privacy settings here, Steam Ladder can only retrieve data if you set game details to public. Wait a couple of minutes after changing this setting and update your Steam Ladder profile. Your playtime and game stats will show up again.

What does this mean for the current ladders on Steam Ladder?
Our level, badges and account age ladders are unaffected by this change. Our total playtime ladder will only include users that set their game details privacy to public. Our playtime per game ladders will include the last data we retrieved from users, only if a user sets his privacy to public it will update these statistics.

So for example if I had 200 hours in CS:GO and now my game details privacy setting is set to private it will stay at 200 hours in the ladders until I change my privacy setting to public.

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